There’s a new Hulk and he’s totally awesome.


Amadeus Cho was created by Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa and first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15. Amadeus is a Korean American teenager and at a young age, it was discovered that he had the ability to calculate and perceive the endless possibilities of a moment. He has a superhuman brain called a hypermind, which makes him one of the smartest people on the planet. At the age of 15, he was a senior in high school and competed in an online quiz sponsored by the Excello Soap Corporation.

The Excello quiz was actually a way  for a paranoid genius named Pythagoras Dupree to find other hyperminds like himself and kill them. Amadeus would have died in an explosion that destroyed his home and family, but he was distracted on his way home by a girl and was late for dinner. Scared and alone, Amadeus went on the run and eventually met up with The Hulk while in trouble and was saved by him. After that, Amadeus became a fan of The Hulk and saw him as a hero. Amadeus would soon become an ally of the Hulk during numorous story arcs through the years.

Marvel Comics Totally Awesome Hulk 01

In 2015, Amadeus Cho was announced as the new Hulk in the series The Totally Awesome Hulk. Following an incident where the original Hulk (Bruce Banner) absorbed a lethal amount of radiation that would have been dangerous even to him, Amadeus used some special nanites to remove the Hulk from Bruce Banner and place it into his body which allowed him to become his own version of Hulk fearing that Hulk’s meltdown due to over radiation exposure would kill a lot of people.

Amadeus Cho becoming The Hulk and being Korean-American shows Marvel’s continued willingness to diversify. This is a Hulk that we have never seen before; in control, powerful, intelligent, witty and most importantly wants to be The Hulk and loves what he does. Amadeus, a minority, has taken up the mantle of yet another top tier superhero with no indication of retiring those purple stretchy pants. The Totally Awesome Hulk could be found along side Ms. Marvel and others in Marvel’s Champions due out in the upcoming months.


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