Iron Fist Episode One Review


So Iron Fist, the last series before Marvel’s The Defender has finally arrived. Multiple outlets have had a chance to screen half the season for early reviews. The reviews have been extremely negative with a common tread, that tread being boredom. Most if not all outlets have called the series boring and not thrilling in any fashion. Many critics have be harsh on the series for its lead being cast as a white male instead of an Asian American. I’ve been eager to watch the show as I feel Marvel has done a great job of making each installment on their Netflix shows different from the one before it.

Being that I came off of a overnight shift at my job, I was only able to watch one episode. The first episode was a decent introduction to our protagonist, not better than the previous introductions of Marvel/Netflix’s protagonist. We should go into this judging it as its own entity but given that it’s in the same universe, streaming service and company it is incredibly difficult to do. With that said, I believe that as a first episode it wasn’t as strong as what came before it but still a good introduction nonetheless.


Danny Rand seems just like a 10 year old would act if they were gone from the world for 15 years and thought dead. There’s a sense of ignorance and innocence in Danny, one that a child would have.  As of now, I find that Finn Jones plays a fine Danny, not much to dissect just yet. Jessica Hanwick portrays plays Colleen Wig in the series which is a major role in the Iron Fist mythos, she seems like she will be a fan favorite and a fierce female co-lead.

As of now the villains seem to be either poorly cast or poor written or poorly portrayed, I’ve haven’t decided yet. After a few more episodes I’ll be able to point out the steam of the problem. They seem like bland villains, just dicks for being dicks. I can’t really say it any other way. They are no where near as compelling as Wilson Fisk, Cotton Mouth or Purple Man from DareDevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones; respectively. Whenever they were onscreen I wanted the scene to cut to someone else which is a problem, but it is a problem that can be fix with further character development and writing so I will find out in later episodes.

There were a complaints that the fight scenes were too choreographed and looked like dancing more then a fighting. Unfortunately, I would have to agree. The fight scenes felt very choreographed and Danny never seemed in danger even if he is a Kung Fu master. Maybe that was done on purpose since the people Danny was fighting were just regular hired goons. I would like to see what the fight scenes will look like when he fights The Hand or enhanced individuals, again, I will have to wait and see.

So in closing I thought the first episode was just fine, nothing near the garbage that outlets have been painting it to be but not at the high standard the Marvel/Netflix collaboration. Finn Jones has come out and said that the show was made for fans and not for critics, as of now I think I see that. Let’s hope it gets better as the series goes on.

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